Holly LiberatoreTablature

Midnight Ride

by the Midnight Riders

The Midnight Riders and their music belong to Valve Corporation. This is an unofficial transcription.


Known issues

  • Still need to transcribe the organ part


– 2020-11-08#
  • Moved some notes in the guitar solo at measure 54 onto the B string
  • Changed backing vocals part name from "Smitty" to "Backing Vocals"
  • Fixed the lack of a credits note in the backing vocals part
  • Fixed lyrics on slurred notes; it should now display properly in Songsterr (though it displays improperly in TuxGuitar now)


– 2020-11-03#
  • Added backing vocals
  • Added credits note to the beginning of each instrument part (formerly only rhythm guitar) with link to this page
  • Added empty measure at the end, so playback doesn't get cut off
  • Changed bass from Acoustic Bass to Fingered Bass
  • Changed ending chords from open D string to fifth fret A string, so they can slide down
  • Removed superfluous instrument names, e.g. "Lead Guitar - Dusty - Distortion Guitar" → "Dusty - Distortion Guitar"


– 2020-10-31#
  • Initial release