Holly Liberatore

The Winston Parable is out now!

I consider video games an artform, and it's a passion of mine to develop, play, and critically analyse them. I seek to create experiences that are appreciated as fine art. As a T-shaped person, my deepest expertise includes programming and musical composition, and broadly I am experienced in project management, 3D art, and graphic design. I am consumer-focused, and I utilise strong design principles to make the player experience as fun as possible, such as cohesive gameplay, conservation of detail, and intuitive mechanics.

I also co-write the SteamGridDB blog!

…is a minimalist puzzle game I designed for a 2020 game jam, on a team of three developers. I managed the project GitLab and itch.io, scripted the game in Construct 3, and composed its original soundtrack. I also conceived the initial project idea: previous games created for the annual game jam were mostly platformers and top-down shooters, ergo a puzzle game such as ROPE would stand out and break the mould. It received numerous accolades:

ROPE AwardEditors' Choice
ROPE AwardBest Audio
ROPE AwardBest Technology

Among my other skills are website development, pixel art, and 3D design. I wrote this website myself in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; my only tools being Notepad++, Git, and Netlify. More World Flags contains over 200 pixel art flags I sprited from scratch, and my 3D design portfolio is accessible from the button here.

Download links for my games, music, and more can be found at CDN.MoofEMP.com.

If you like, you can financially support me on Patreon. :)